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Vagy Mariolou

About: Education: 1998 Mokume School of Jewellery Design, B.A. in silver smithing and jewellery design. Inspired by constructivism and multiple layering. Her work is exhibited at the Benaki Museum in Athens.


  1. Bronze Necklace X with silk cord
  2. Silk and Silver Earrings. Colours Blue and Black.
  3. Red Silk Necklace with bronze circle designs
  4. Black and Gold Silk Necklace Archaic Design
  5. ASTEROID 43 Necklace Black and Gold Silk cord
  6. ASTEROID 43 Necklace Silver with black cord
  7. ASTEROID 43 Necklace Silver with black long threads
  8. ASTEROID 43 Ariadne bracelet silk+silver 
  9. Necklace I love silver parallel  


Date:1 June 2014

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