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It's All Greek On Me

About: It's All Greek On Me is a brand using Greek materials, Greek motifs, Greek inspiration in order to produce design items.

All the materials and inspiration that Greece is offering are applied with a contemporary twist in the first It's All Greek On Me bags collections.

Examples of their products include:

  1. KIOSK-PERIPTERO Shopping Bag: The Kiosks in Greece (peripteron) is part of the social life for many years now. Its morphology as we know it today is unique in the world. Burlap material.
  2. Building Clutch. The Ioniki Court in Eleftherias square in Thessaloniki was constructed in 1929 and is part of the town's rich depository of buildings with neoclassical influence. Burlap material.
  3. Epidaurus Clutch. The depiction is from the marble floor of the Epidaurus Tholos which is an early geometrical representation of the solar system. Burlap material.
  4. Envelope Clutch with coins and embroider on one side. Felt (tsoha) material.
  5. Foldover Clutch with black and silver embroider inspires by the Metsovian weft and silver tassel. Felt (tsoha) material.
  6. Shopping Bag with Fridges. Khaki colour bag with golden traditional embroider from  Sarakatsanian apron on both sides. Felt (tsoha) material.


Date:1 June 2014

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