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Ilias Markolefas

Ilias Markolefas is a designer that holds a diploma degree in Architecture, a master degree in Interior Design and studies in Fashion Design. His philosophy in design is that everything has to answer human needs and not to be another waist product in our consuming world. Borders between different fields of design don’t exist for him; everything seems to be a composition of knowledge from different fields. He participated in many design events around the world such as Milan design week(2013), 5th Landscape Biennale of  Barcelona(2008) etc.

This project aims to rethink a symbol of men’s fashion from the past in order to make it more suitable to our democratic world . Why a woman needs to be dressed in a manly way in order to wear a bow tie?  For all these reasons, I decided to laser cut bow ties in plywood of 3mm. This new technique allows me to create detailed patterns that could never have happened in the past by hand. I perceive my bow ties as a canvas on which I can express my philosophical, political, etc ideas. The use of velcro instead of the traditional way to buckle the bow tie’s collar relaxes people and makes them to explore the limits of this product. As a result it  is easier to check if it fits on your hand, around your neck without a shirt, or even to your pets neck.


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Date:1 June 2014

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