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Yiota Vogli

About: Yiota Vogli is a PhD visual artist and jewellery designer. She is the author of ‘Jewellery Design’, 2002 and ‘Jewellery & Object Design’, 2004, books published by the Greek Ministry of Education. Her works are to be found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.


  1. The Amphorae rings inspired of ancient pottery shapes, which can be worn as many someone likes with a plain ring in between them. The minimal designing of the rings is a fresh view of the ancient classic pots that creates a playful mode by combining the several colours of gold, silver and rhodium plated rings.
  2. Amphorae brooches Enamel in different colours inspired of ancient pottery shapes.
  3. Amphorae double ring gold plated bronze inspired of ancient pottery shapes
  4. Amphorae ring with cork inspired of ancient pottery shapes.
  5. Pentant silver, rhodium plated threads with chain.


Date:1 June 2014

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