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Stefania Frangista

Stefania Frangista, the designer behind the 5-year old brand ‘Pink Sands’, unveils her New Collection, bearing her own name and inspired by her home country, Greece.

Having grown up in Greece, she wished to create a Swimwear brand that would capture the magical sensation that she had always felt especially during summertime, and share that magic with the world.

"It was my way of sharing my love for the what I feel is so unique about the Greek summer: the Greek islands, the Greek sea and sun, the characteristic summer sounds and smells, the unique culture and customs, and the special people one meets along the way."

Stefania wants to offer women swimsuits that will feel wonderful on their bodies. At the beginning of each season she spends as much time designing the style of each swimsuit as she spends attaining the perfect fit, correcting the patterns over and over again.

The fabrics she chooses are of the highest quality and feel heavenly on one's skin.

A significant part of the philosophy of the brand is supporting family businesses and experienced local producers in its home country, Greece. Hence, all of Stefania Frangista’s production is Made in Greece.

Above all, Stefania wants through the brand’s imagery, music and videos, to be able to transport its viewers albeit for a few seconds to the cobbled streets of the beautiful island of Hydra, feel the freshness of the crystal waters off the island of Polyaigos, sense the mysticism of the thousands years of history in Patmos, smell the oregano scented air of a dry field in Kefallonia, almost hear the music sounding from a taverna in the historical area of Plaka and feel the warm welcome of the locals waving at the boat while it enters a small port on the island of Sifnos.

"If by looking at our pictures you find yourself daydreaming of being right there and can’t wait to find yourself in Greece, then we have succeeded, we have worked the Greek Summer magic on you."

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Date:1 June 2014

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